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The Pleasure (and Health) Benefits of Using Lube During Any Type of Sex


Most sexually active adults already know that the general purpose of lube is to make for smoother sailing between the sheets. Yet there is much more to lube than meets the.. uh.. eye. Your tube of lube can bring on intensified sexual pleasure, sex that lasts longer and some very wild foreplay to boot.

If you don’t believe us, check out these 10 very compelling reasons why sex is always better when wet:

  1. Any type of vaginal dryness, whether it be from stress, getting older or just not yet into it, is quickly resolved with just a few dabs of lube.
  2. A flavored lube makes for better oral sex, and will not lead to any infection the way that your favorite melted chocolate will.
  3. Add it to your favorite sex toy and suddenly you’re getting double the sexual pleasure.
  4. There is not going to be any delay in getting down to business once your desire kicks in.
  5. Rub it around on the outside too. A woman’s pleasure zones are outside as well as in, and rubbing some stimulating lube around the lips is only going to intensify the orgasms. You can also rub some on the “boys” and give him a tingle he won’t soon forget.
  6. Lube is perfect for the well endowed man who is taking care not to hurt his lover on the first few go-a-rounds.
  7. Not only is lube important to help keep a condom nice and wet, it can add to the guy’s pleasure if you put some on before the condom goes on.
  8. Lube makes you less susceptible to infection, true story. Friction from sex causes skin abrasions which can lead to infection, but when lubed up there is no friction and therefore no infection.
  9. Without that element of friction, the condom is less likely to break. This lets you enjoy the moment more knowing that there is no chance you’ll be paying for it in 9 months, especially if you use a lube that contains spermicide.
  10. Spit is not the same as a good lube (or even a bad one) ever.

Lube is not just for partner sex either. You can enhance your solo missions too with a sprinkle of lube right on your fingertips. With specialty lubes that contain heating elements and tingling sensations, your one on one time becomes one of your best kept pleasure secrets.

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